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Walk21 welcomes your submission of papers for Walk21 in Seoul, South Korea. Every year, Walk21 has accepted papers from all over the world and has been able to facilitate the sharing of valuable insights and knowledge to conference participants. Please review the following notices and submit your paper in English via the Walk21 Seoul Online Submission System only. We welcome your active participation, and if you have any questions, please contact the Walk21 Seoul Secretariat (

Please note that we do not run grammar checks, so we ask you to review your paper carefully prior to submission.

Important Deadlines

​​Call for Papers Open February 14(Fri.), 2020
Call for Papers (extended) April 13(Mon), 2020
Acceptance/ Non-Acceptance Notification May 13(Wed.), 2020
Confirmation of Participation June 12(Fri.), 2020

**Above deadlines are subject to change


Walk21 Seoul themes are stated as following. Please pick one or two themes and match the sub-topics to each theme.

Theme 1

The Impact of Walking on national and city priorities
We especially welcome proposals which present on the following topics:

  1. 1.The Economic Impact of a Walkable City - Examples of walking supporting the economy and opportunities to impact better city resilience, urban competitiveness and growth.
  2. 2.The Social Impact of a Walkable City - Examples of walking supporting society and opportunities to impact better health, well-being and road safety.
  3. 3.The Environmental Impact of a Walkable City - Examples of walking supporting the environment and the opportunities to impact better climate, air quality and city sustainability.

Theme 2

Urban regeneration and Designing Walkable cities
We especially welcome proposals which present on the following topics:

  1. 1.Connecting the vision and outcomes of a walking policy - Examples of policies that have delivered more walking and better walking conditions.
  2. 2.Citizen participation in the effective Walkable City - Examples of projects that have engaged citizens for better walking outcomes.
  3. 3.Designing spaces and places for people on foot - Examples of walking infrastructure design that has improved comfort and safety to support and encourage everyday walking.
  4. 4.Integrating walking with public transport in the mobility system - Examples of interventions to integrate walking with other modes, especially public transport but also the bicycle.
  5. 5.Promoting a walking network - Examples of walking campaigns that have helped give priority to walking and deliver city wide walking choices.

Theme 3

The Walkable City of the future
We especially welcome proposals which present on the following topics:

  1. 1.The Making of a Walkable City - Examples of walkable cities and what a walkable city of the future will look like.
  2. 2.How technology can support walking- Examples of innovation supporting walking and the opportunities for new technology in the city of the future.
  3. 3.The City of Seoul - Examples of how Seoul will look in the future as a walkable city and outcomes already achieved toward that goal.

Submission Guidelines

In the case of a research or project, the assertions and conclusions must be substantiated and verifiable with links to online resources (if completed already).

  • Have news value: be innovative and stimulating.
  • Be written in clear and concise English.
  • Contain no more than 500 words.

All papers must be submitted through the online submission system (no template) of the Walk21 Seoul conference website. Fax or Email submission is not acceptable.

Please note that if proposing several papers, it is essential that each proposal be submitted individually.
By submitting a proposal, authorisation is given to the City of Seoul and Walk21 Foundation to publish and promote any information provided online and in conference materials.

To submit your paper, please sign-up first to create your ID and password.