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Plenary 7

Walkable City Seoul: Pedestrian Safety and Smart Mobility

May 28(Fri.), 202109:00~10:20(KST) / 20:00~21:20(EDT) / 01:00~02:20(GMT)


  • Justin S. Chang Professor, Department of Environmental Planning, Seoul National University


  • Sangjin Han Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Transport Safety, Korea Transport Institute
  • Youngjun Han Associate Research Fellow, Department of Transportation System Research, The Seoul Institute

Plenary 8

Data and how we know what to want

May 28(Fri.), 202110:30~11:50(KST) / 21:30~22:50(EDT) / 02:30~03:50(GMT)

Session Description

With more data at our finger tips than ever before, do we know enough and the right things about walking and what people want to make informed decisions? Who decides what data to collect and how it is used? These questions will be explored from different perspectives including government, advocates and practitioners.


  • Anne Kerr Managing Director, Greater China, Mott MacDonald Hong Kong Limited

Oral Presentation 4

Improving the walking environment and addressing air pollution: It’s a win-win!

May 28(Fri.), 202113:00~14:20(KST) / 00:00~01:20(EDT) / 05:00~06:20(GMT)

Session Description

When we talk about the experience of walkability it is not only the built form but the surrounding air and noise that impacts on both our pleasure and our health while we walk. This session will explore how advocates for good air and good walking streets are allies in the necessary campaigns to improve our communities and encourage people to walk.


  • Daniel Sauter Director, Owner, Urban Mobility Research


  • D. Taylor Reich Research Associate, Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP)

Oral Presentation 5

Measuring Walking: the invisible asset and how to make it more visible

May 28(Fri.), 202114:30~15:50(KST) / 01:30~02:50(EDT) / 06:30~07:50(GMT)

Session Description

Building on past workshops at Walk21 to develop an agreed set of international indicators for measuring walking, this session will explore how existing international data sets could be viewed through a walking lens to illustrate the variation in walking experiences around the world. It will include a discussion on the limits and opportunity to use data to make the walking asset more visible and stimulate action to improve it.


  • Haesung Ahn Master’s course, Department of Urban Design and Studies, Chung-Ang University

Oral Presentation 6

Understanding and creating safe places for people to walkUnderstanding and creating safe places for people to walk

May 28(Fri.), 202116:00~17:20(KST) 03:00~04:20(EDT) 08:00~09:20(GMT)

Session Description

With the dawn of the Second Decade of Action for Road Safety, mode shift to more walking and cycling is recognised as a key road safety action. This session will explore initiatives from Colombia, Russia and India and research from Korea about making our streets safer for walking, especially for the vulnerable.


  • Natalia Lleras Healthy Cities Lead and Vivo Mi Calle Project Director, Despacio
  • Daria Raspopina Co-founder, Center for Urban projects Shtab
  • Sangjin Han Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Transport Safety, Korea Transport Institute

Closing Speech

Walking as the key to sociality

May 28(Fri.), 202117:30~18:00(KST) / 04:30~05:00(EDT) / 09:30~10:00(GMT)


  • Nick Tyler Director, Centre for Transport Studies, University College London

Conference Report & Conclusions

May 28(Fri.), 202118:00~18:30(KST) / 05:00~05:30(EDT) / 10:00~10:30(GMT)


  • Jim Walker Founder, Walk21

Handover Ceremony

May 28(Fri.), 202118:30~18:45(KST) / 05:30~05:45(EDT) / 10:30~10:45(GMT)


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